About Me

My name is Kristen and I am an addict. It started when I was very young, I don't even really know when, as long as I can remember, really. I have always loved, longed for, needed, horses in my life. I love all animals, but had an obsession with dinosaurs and horses especially. Being the realist that I am (ha!) I set my sights on the more attainable goal of someday acquiring my very own equine companion. Fast-forward about thirty years, give or take a few, and here we are.

Before Abbey frolicked into my life, I was blessed with the presence of many other horses and ponies that gave me the gift of their patience as I learned to love this life even more. I also was fortunate to find many horsey people who understand what it feels like to want something so bad it hurts, and even though I couldn't afford a horse of my own, were kind enough to trust me with theirs. 

Thank you, to each one of you who shared your knowledge and time to allow me to experience the unequaled joy that is being in the company of a horse.

Horse Chronicle
Dodger - First pony at Girl Scout Camp when I was eight. Grey flea-bitten.
Mini - Second Pony at Girl Scout Camp. Red roan.
JR - First regular lesson horse belonging to Marci (sweetest trainer ever). He was my first fall, and my first get back on the horse. So glad I did! Chestnut.
Jazz - Second lesson horse (also Marci's) jumper on the A circuit in Florida, was Oceola's horse for Florida State University for a while (best college mascot ever! Go Noles!) Appaloosa.
Lots of lesson horses at Lena Pastuck's place - she was tough but a great instructor. (Special shout out to Hobo, a bay with an attitude).
Victoria - Fancy pants dressage horse owned by Vicki, bay Holsteiner mare who taught me to ride a buck at the canter, how not to get scraped off on tree branches, and many other useful non-dressage maneuvers. First mare I loved :)
Red - Retired Thoroughbred from A circuit jumping due to white line disease who I helped Marci rehab after his recovery.
Kanina - Second mare I ever loved, little chestnut Arabian mare who was picky with the people she allowed to ride her. Belonged to Dianne, a very kind and generous woman.
Apache - A stubborn Appaloosa who led me to a good barn and a good friend, and was one of the final steps on the journey to Abbey.
Emma - AQHA 3YO mare owned by Larry, my horse dad.
Maddie - 11 YO mare who bucked me off and taught me how not to use side reins for training, project of Larry's.
Sherman -11 YO gelding, first spur-stop horse ridden, trained by Larry.
Wayne - K's circuit Appaloosa who taught me how to sit up straight at the lope and how to use spurs correctly.
Abbey - My first horse, purchased as a coming 3 YO mare from Larry who had her as a project.
Special thanks to Marci, Lena, Vicki, Dianne, Larry, and K for being part of my journey!

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