2014 Goals

  1. Love my horse unconditionally each and every day. - Always a work in progress :)
  2. Listen to the lessons I am learning from her about patience, joy, perseverance, living in the moment, making plans, not counting my chickens, tomorrow is a new day, never take your health for granted, and ride the horse you have that day. - Again, something of a daily reminder
  3. Keep my horse as healthy as I can afford. - I have the vet bills to prove it!
  4. Train Abbey to be calm and workable in new environments. - Accomplished Sept.2014
    1. Load on trailer calmly
    2. Unload calmly
    3. Settle into new environment without much stress
    4. Maintain focus in new and stressful situations like the outdoor warmup pen, show pen, overcrowded areas, wash rack, and scary everything that comes rolling and walking by
  5. Don't get scared when things don't work out the first time, or the second time, or....
  6. Live within a horse budget (TBD).
  7. Wear all my show clothes at a show and show my horse in 2014. Sept 2014
  8. Show in pleasure class. Sept 2014
  9. Show in horsemanship class. Sept 2014
  10. Show in trail. Sept 2014
  11. Walk over bridges. Sept 2014
  12. Side pass over rail to right without clunking, consistently.
  13. Side pass over rail to left without clunking, consistently.
  14. Side pass L to right without clunking.
  15. Side pass L to left without clunking.
  16. Back around obstacles with control and no clunking.
  17. Simple lead change with two beats or less in between.
  18. One-handed loping consistently with collected departs with drive from behind, lift in the shoulder, balance, cadence, and steady neck.
  19. Work on sitting up, shoulders back, and right hand correctly positioned.
  20. Keep feet underneath me.
  21. Ride more through my leg.
  22. Flying lead change.
  23. Lope the pinwheel.
  24. Go on some trail rides with friends.
  25. Learn how to hook up a trailer, load my horse, and driver her safely.
  26. Win a ribbon, any color, at a show. Sept 2014
  27. Be able to keep my horse trained and conditioned through the fall and winter with minimal help from trainer (save some $$).
  28. Make plans for 2015 show season. Four shows would be good, maybe five. Three shows in a series, with one to get acclimated in the early summer where we don't actually show, or if we do it's no big deal.

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