Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Eye of the Horse Photography - Show Photos

Here are a couple more photos from the show, still waiting for the rest from the photographer who is working on background edits for me on some of my others that I ordered. I think that horse show photographers are the hardest working people in the photo industry. No joke. And this is coming from someone who shot weddings professionally for years. Instead of one bridezilla at a time, she deals with hundreds of horseprinceszillas and their unpredictable animals.

Rail photo with background edits - what do you think?
While the background edits don't always look 100 percent realistic, I think they are way more fun to look at than the boring indoor arena. This one in particular had the rail and some trash bins in the original. I like the oak tree because it reminds me of growing up in North Florida :) I had a huge one outside my bedroom window that I was absolutely in love with. This one just needs a little Spanish moss and it would be perfect ;)

Insane skills required for this perfect shot!

If you think photographing children is tough, try shooting a nervous horse who thinks there are monsters in the flowers behind her just waiting to leap out and devour her. The photographer shoots with a remote so she can get the horse to look at her wherever she stands. She also has all these props to make noise and motion to get their attention. It took us what felt like an eternity, but it was worth it. Not a huge fan of my outfit in this one. I borrowed it from a barn-mate when I thought I was going to have to ride trail in the rain since it would dry easier than my others, and I never changed out of it for my inside classes because they all happened so close to each other. It's a beautiful shirt, just doesn't do my body an favors. Also hate the jeans under chaps look. Matching pants look so much better. Live and learn, I guess.

I wanted a backdrop photo with my mom and trainer, even though I didn't win anything super awesome. It is a great record of the show, and no matter what happens in the future, I don't know if I will ever feel this happy or proud of us again. It was pretty much the best. Next year I get to look forward to competing in my age group, though. That might be as big of a deal.


  1. I miss those backdrop photos! Hunter/jumper shows don't do that, haha

    1. Its crazy how different each discipline is - always more to learn!