Friday, October 3, 2014

2pointober - Day 1

So, I have too many photos on my phone. My video stopped part way through my 2 pointing because I don't have any available storage, so I'll have to get my baseline this weekend :( I got into 2 point at 5:33, but the video cuts out less than a minute later, and I know that we went for at least a few more. So, I will use a stopwatch this weekend to be sure I get a correct time. (I am on the Paint in the pink shirt, and N is on the Appy in the black, hopefully she doesn't mind that I videoed her lesson a little.)

I do welcome comments on the 2 pointing, I want to make sure I am doing it correctly, and I haven't done any hunter/jumper stuff since middle school. I may need to ask her to move out a little more, since that jog is so smooth and easy to ride.

The good news is that it went better than I expected (no saddle horn in the gut and Abbey didn't duck out and leave me hanging - score two for me). The first part of the video is me working on other stuff, but towards the end is when I started 2 pointed (around the 5:33 mark). Walk/trot only for now :) I'd like to be loping in 2 point by the end of October, so that will be a subset goal for me.

The quality of the video is pretty crappy, it's just so dark in the indoor. They have been working on putting in the outdoor for a while, and I really hope that it gets done before the snow flies so we have it next spring. Riding outside will be so nice :) I might try bringing in my really nice camera to take some video, but I worry about the dust getting into everything and ruining it. Until I figure out the video stuff, I know now that I need to work more in the center of the arena if I want to actually see anything I am doing. The far end is too far away, and the closer I get to the camera the less of me you see - common sense, but at least now I have some better markers for where I need to be riding. Also, there is definitely sunlight between my butt and the saddle when I go past the open door at the far end (5:50).

The commentary on the video is from a beginner lesson for N. She is 64 and just started riding about six months ago. She is riding her boyfriend's horse here, Titan, and he is trained in a very unusual way (as in he moves in to pressure instead of away from it, which makes riding with your legs ready interesting, since everything is opposite of what every horse I have ever ridden does), so the fact that she can steer him and get him to walk, trot, and halt is impressive. I rode him one day, and it was all I could do to get him to walk from one end of the arena to the other. It was like we were speaking two completely different languages. So, I give N a ton of credit. She got a lot out of him, and he is teaching her to be more assertive and direct in asking and getting what she wants. These tough horses always teach us so much, even though they make us work for every step. You can hear our trainer and N's boyfriend in the background as well.

I think it is awesome that someone who is in their 60s is still seeking out new hobbies, and especially one as complicated as horseback riding. You can ride from the day you were born and never learn it all. Seeing someone start as an adult near retirement who is able to set aside any issues or insecurities many people might feel (I'm too old, I might look silly, what if I fall, what if I fail...) progress and be successful is pretty cool. She really wants to learn how to post, and is struggling with it. Its neat to see everyone who watches her lessons lean in and want it so bad for her, but we all know that the only way she will learn is to do it herself. That's the best part, is that your trainers and barn mates can cheer you on through the struggles, but it is up to you to climb up there and make it happen. Which in turn means that all the joy of success is that much sweeter.

I want to be an old dog learning new tricks forever.
Abbey was awesome for our ride. Her loping is getting better, still struggling with the left lead, but we got some compliments from the trainer on it which she doesn't give unless they are earned. She also settled in to the feeling of me being in 2 point, so that was a good thing :)

Now to clean off my phone!



  1. I can't really tell from the video (and kudos for video btw! not required) just make sure to engage your glutes and core for stability :)

    1. Sounds good :) Thanks for the tips - I will try to get a better video when I am riding solo so I can stay in front of the lens more.