Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blanket Shopping

I wish
Why is everything horse-related so damn expensive? I just bought a new sheet and blanket for Abbey since the weather here is already chilly, if not downright cold. Her old 72" blanket and sheet are still in okay shape, but they were too tight on her by the end of last winter now that she is a big girl. She is measuring at 74", so I figured a 75" should fit okay. It was 45 degrees this morning on my way to the barn to try a sheet on her that I bought from my local tack shop. The owner swore to me that it would fit, even after I explained that she is a stock horse and this is a strictly hunter/jumper/dressage shop. She said, "I only sell blankets that fit." Yep, and I got some ocean front property in Arizona... if you'll buy that, I'll throw the Golden Gate in free.

So, that was a complete waste of $50 since it is a clearance item and non-returnable. It was too tight in the shoulder and waaaay too long off her butt. Clearly cut for a more narrow shouldered horse. I am hoping that my trainer has a use for it on one of her horses and will buy it from me - it's a nice 1200D rain sheet, but not cut for a stock horse.

On top of that, I logged into my bank account and saw that I had somehow managed to overdraw my account a few times last week due to a forgotten check that someone took forever to cash. Next time, I think I will just take $100 bill out and burn it, at least that would give me the satisfaction of seeing it in person. Super pissed that I got no emails or anything telling me about the first occurrence, cause you know, that would be nice.

I also am owed a rather large sum of money from a coworker who keeps "forgetting" to write me a check. I have asked twice. Shame on me for even getting in this position. I hope I see it, because it would at least pay for my second new rain sheet.

All of this made ordering another sheet and blanket online that much more painful. But, it had to be done. I went with two Weatherbeetas, since that brand is supposed to be cut for stock horses. I got them both on clearance, and was told (again by the crazy tack lady as well as in online reviews) that they run large, so I went with the 72" since the only other option is 75". Fingers crossed.

I know that when it comes down to it, my money woes are mostly my fault for not paying attention/trusting people I shouldn't have, but if anyone has a line on a money tree, fill me in.


  1. Have you ever tried the "V-Free" blankets from Schneiders? They were a GODSEND for my halter-bred QH

    1. I haven't - I just looked and they seem like a good option! If these others don't work I may give them a try :) Thanks for the tip!