Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blue Moon

Last night was a blue moon. Here's a little article about it from MSN, so who knows if it's accurate. I didn't even try to take photos of the moon because I need a waaaaay longer lens than what I have to get a good one. (I did try, but the moon looks super tiny, so no post of the photos.)
Abbey's favorite thing after a bath.
I would have liked to have come up with a good metaphor for riding and a blue moon, but nothing really came to mind. What was on my mind was how hard it can be to apply something new, and how it's difficult to remember to have fun when one is going through such a period of time.  Abbey and I practiced our lesson from Monday. Which was a little difficult because K was giving a lesson to someone who has the really bad habit of never looking where they are going, or really sticking to a predictable path. It's especially exciting when they are cantering at top speed. That's the bitchy me coming out, and we all do our best to respect the lesson-taker and give them space to learn what they are working on that day. But it still makes me annoyed.

Any who, my ride yesterday was frustrating because I know that I don't yet have a feel for the new bit, the new one-handed reins, and always struggle a little with when to make a big correction versus asking, "pretty please get your shoulder off my leg". I would rather do what K says and, "get in, get out," with my corrections rather than poking at her like Stewie Griffin, "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mama, Mama, Mommy, Mommy, Mom, Mom....," you get the picture. But, I also don't want to make her dull with big corrections or just piss her off.  So, I am trying to feel that out each time I ride. Even with feeling like I wasn't having the best day, K said that our loping looked really nice at one point, which again is a huge compliment from her. So, I will take it. It was also just a really pretty night, in spite of it being warm and humid. We have some of the prettiest sunsets at the barn, and last night was no exception. As I drove home, the pink blue moon was rising ahead of me (pink shade from the moisture in the air and the reflection of the setting sun behind me) and I just enjoyed the view.

Sunset to the West of the barn.

I still woke up a lot last night with a busy brain, and between worrying about work, traveling a ton in the next month, and how to get Abbey to stand her shoulders up through a corner, I didn't get a lot of sleep. Today is another day, and another opportunity. Thankfully I get to have that opportunity more than once in a blue moon. Ha :) Got it!

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