Friday, August 2, 2013

Trust - a Lesson and a Good Ride

No photos to show, but I took a lesson with K on Wednesday, and learned a TON! Abbey has come a long way in her training, and I was lagging behind. I was holding her in the face too much, and nagging her with my spur too much when I asked for the lope... the result was an angry Abbey who kicked out a few times at one end of the arena.

The solution - trust. I have to trust Abbey and she has to trust me. I have to trust that after we start loping, she will stay loping until I ask her to stop, or encourage her to keep going and be collected with a little lift of the reins and nudge with my spur. She has to trust that I won't keep after her and will just let her do her job and stay out of her way.
Sometimes I feel like a giant whale flopping around in the saddle.

When I finally got out of the way, the feeling was magical. I could sit up, relax, breathe, and by God when I looked in the mirror I looked like a real horsewoman! Amazing! Our ride on Thursday felt like I was on a new horse, when really, it was just a new me. I am sure Abbey is happy to have K help me be a better partner; I know I am.

How I felt after my lesson.

We also started working on neck reining, and at the walk and jog we do really well. I think if I am going to show her next year when she is five, she has to ride one-handed. We will get there, but in the mean time it will be fun to work on getting stronger and communicating even better.

Busy weekend ahead, but I hope to fit in a ride on Saturday or Sunday, or maybe both if I'm lucky.

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  1. Hi Kristen, my name is autumn and I am Abbey's original owner. My husband , myself and mysister in law birthed her. She was my first baby! I was absolutely devistated when I had to sell her and I am so happly I finally found he. I was wondering if you would contact me? My email is thank you! Your blog is wonderful by the way, I am so happy she is with someone who really loves her!